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What to Expect After Beginning Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Maybe you thought aging is causing your fatigue, decreased libido, and inability to lose weight. In fact, it may be all about hormonal imbalance, especially estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Those three hormones do decrease and fluctuate as we get older. The good news is you don’t have to live with all the effects of hormone imbalance. Hormone replacement therapy has been widely prescribed for decades, however, now you can choose bioidentical hormones. Let us help you understand what you can expect after beginning bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

BHRT is a plant-based hormone therapy that mimics the body’s natural hormones. It’s an option for those seeking a more natural treatment, and in addition, bioidentical hormones are more easily absorbed by the body. The result is a more consistent and rapid relief from unwanted symptoms.

The conventional hormones used in HRT are synthetic hormones. Many people prefer bioidentical hormones.

Typical Unwanted Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Both men and women can suffer from hormone imbalances due to menopause and andropause. Some of the worst complaints include:

  • fatigue
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • lack of energy
  • sexual dysfunction and low libido
  • thinning hair
  • hot flashes
  • trouble sleeping
  • loss of bone density in women
  • vaginal dryness
  • headaches and migraines
  • memory problems
  • weight gain

You can expect to see improvement within one month, but it can take 3 to 4 months for some people. Some people even feel a difference within one week.

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are the most commonly used bioidentical hormones.

Expect Various Delivery Options for BHRT

The FDA-approved bioidentical hormone therapy come in many forms:

  • Pill
  • Gel
  • Sprays
  • Cream
  • Shots
  • Implanted pellets
  • Patches

You and your provider can make a decision about which application is best for you during a consultation at our women’s health clinic in Greenbelt and Germantown, MD. The goal of any hormone treatment is to use the lowest dose for the shortest amount of time.

Compounded bioidentical hormone therapy has not been studied or approved by the FDA although many people use these hormones. Again, you and your physician can make that decision.

Risks and Side Effects of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Not everyone should take BHRT. Sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits. It increases the risk of blood clots, stroke, and gallbladder disease. If you are at high risk for cardiovascular disease or breast cancer, hormone therapy may not be safe for you.

Possible side effects include weight gain, acne, and bloating which may occur in the beginning of treatment, but this is typically when your body is adjusting to the hormones.

The Bottom Line

If you are taking BHRT for at least a month expect to feel happier, have increased energy, your sleep will improve both in quality and quantity, experience reduced hot flashes, and an improvement in libido.

Working closely with your physician you can have a safe and effective way to balance out hormones and enjoy life at any age.

Contact Metropolitan Women’s Group, LLC at 301-513-0200 if you are interested in learning more about bioidentical hormone therapy and if it’s right for you.

middle age woman in glasses leaning aginst a window smiling

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