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Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

cloth tape measure to measure body mass

Television commercials, online ads, and Facebook posts all boast about how to get rid of belly fat. Yes, reducing the weight around your middle goes a long way in curbing many medical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular problems. However, taking a gummy every day will not miraculously shrink that belly fat. It seems that no amount of exercise or dieting will either. So we looked elsewhere for answers. Does hormone replacement therapy (HRT) help with weight loss?

Those Wacky Hormones

Our endocrine system secretes and controls our hormones, and so much of our bodily functions including our emotions, hunger, and mood.

Most of us can remember what hormones did to us in puberty, your first big hormone change. The next big hormone extravaganza for women was during pregnancy. Then the last hormone change occurs during menopause. This is usually the time many women experience weight gain as they go through hormonal changes and symptoms.

During this time our hormones are all over the place and and you may feel wacky. These situations are caused by unbalanced and changing hormone levels.

The Connection Between Certain Hormones and Weight Loss

Both men and women have the hormone testosterone, but men have a greater amount. Hence the deeper voice, hair on the chest, and stronger muscles. 

At some point we both begin to have testosterone levels drop. Whenever a hormone increases or decreases, we are out of balance and we feel sluggish and unable to work out as much. This, in turn, increases our fat from inactivity.

Our testosterone level determines our body’s ability to increase muscle and burn fat. More muscle = more fat burned. Rebalancing those hormone levels will help with weight loss.

Stress hormones are equally important for weight loss. Cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine are the main stress hormones. They increase when we need them and give us the energy to move forward. At the same time they slow down our metabolism. Here we go again; we store more fat.

HRT Helps With Weight Loss

Some studies confirm HRT helps with weight loss and less belly fat. Scientists are continuing to perform studies to prove HRT can control insulin resistance.

Balancing your hormones through hormone replacement therapy may solve not only your weight gain but also that stubborn belly fat.

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cloth tape measure to measure body mass

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