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Obstetrical Care

Our goal is to provide you with the best healthcare possible and for your to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. Most importantly, a health baby. We expect that everything will be perfect leading up to your delivery, but we are prepared to take care of you if there are any bumps along the way.

Your First Visit – What to Expect

You will meet with the Doctor to review your medical history, assess any high risk factors that may impact your pregnancy. Depending on how far you are along in your pregnancy you may be able hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Prenatal Care

At each checkup, you will have your vitals checked (blood pressure and weight). You will leave a urine sample so we can measure the protein in your urine. The Doctor will ask you questions, measure your belly and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. You will have plenty of time to ask the Doctor questions – be sure to bring a list to avoid forgetting anything.

You will be referred for an ultrasound to examine the baby’s growth and development and confirm the estimated due date. The interval of your follow-up visit will be determined by the doctor.

Labor & Delivery

Labor and Delivery is where you will delivery your baby. When you are in labor, you will be a specially designed “birthing” room for your comfort throughout the labor and delivery process. The experienced nursing staff will provide you with personalized care in a warm, supportive environment. When you are ready to delivery, you will deliver your baby in your “birthing” room. After you have your baby, you will have a chance to hold your baby in your arms for this first time. You will then be moved to the post-partum unit for the balance of your hospital stay.

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